There are THREE Things to consider:
WHICH Coffee would you like, HOW Much do you or your household need, and HOW Often do you need to receive it.

These are the Recommended Subscription Amount

Based on you’re Drinking Coffee using a 12oz Cup:

1 Cup/Day;

One 12oz Bag Every 2 Weeks 

2 Cups/Day

One 12oz Bag Every Week

3 Cups/Day

Three 12oz Bag Every 2 Weeks

4 to 5 Cups/Day

Two 12oz Bag Every Week

6 to 8 Cups/Day

Three 12oz Bags Every Week

Remember these Recommendations are Suggestions to get you Started.

Once your receiving the coffee based on your subscription, at that point you can Modify it by changing your Delivery times, Amounts or Even just Pause it for a week if you have a bit too much at the moment.